Be Prepared

While you are researching your family you are likely to find some disturbing things. It could be something like a great, great uncle you never knew about, a few family members passed from cancer you weren’t aware of, or a nasty accident. It may be something more disturbing, like a crime committed.

If you do find something disturbing it’s okay to take a break or even find someone to talk to. Just remember, just because you share a bloodline does not mean you are like that person. It doesn’t change who you are.


I’m really just getting started so the disturbing things I have uncovered are nasty accidents. There are enough of them that I’m beginning to think that side of the family is cursed, though.

I wish you the best of luck and hope your search doesn’t yield too many unpleasant surprises.

Be blessed.

Author: Dawn Mc

I'm a wife, mom, and so much more. I enjoy remodeling, decorating, genealogy, reading, and knitting. My husband and I have three children and many pets. We live in rural Alabama.

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