Why you can homeschool

I have seen a lot of people lately saying that they wish they could homeschool, but can’t for whatever reason. Many think they have to dedicate eight hours a day (you don’t), spend a fortune on curriculum (you don’t), or that they’re not smart enough (you probably are a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for!). Today I want to encourage you to consider homeschooling.

1) “I don’t have enough time.” We actually don’t have a set schedule for learning, we’re more free-range. Our kids learn to read, write, add, subtract, etc by doing it when they need it. For example, my ten year old loves YouTube. If he wants to watch a video then he has to type it in and search for it on his own. History and science is generally taught on field trips or spending time outside. If I have to I will print worksheets.

2) “It’s too expensive.” Lots of homeschoolers are single income families so budgets are tight. We buy used curriculum occasionally, but most of the time we go outside or use free worksheets like I said above. I pay $2.95 a month and HP sends me ink when I start getting low. I love it!

3) “I’m not smart enough.” If you graduated from high school then you can teach your children through high school. If something doesn’t make sense to you then research it until it does. You will learn more teaching your children than you probably learned in school.


What’s holding you back? What are some reasons you have heard?


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