Real life Design on a Dime

My husband and I bought a used trailer in 2016, about four months before I had our last baby. It was remodeled, but we despise carpet so we knew that was going to have to go right away. With three kids, four (then) dogs, and four cats carpet is awful. I have been dragging my feet on budgeting to replace it because what I really wanted (tile that looks like wood) would be super expensive. Our home is 1,180 sq ft. Multiply that by almost $4/sq ft and a single income family will have to stop eating for a while to cover it. Lol

So my husband started watching Craigslist and Facebook groups. He found a warehouse in Double Springs, AL that is super reasonable. We bought laminate flooring for .40/sq ft! Then we got new linoleum for the bathroom for .30/sq ft. You can’t beat that for new flooring! We have a friend who volunteered to put it down for us because my dh is disabled.

Since we saved so much money on flooring we decided to buy copper-looking fixtures for the kitchen and both bathrooms. Y’all, this manufactured home is going to look like a high end mansion once we’re done!


I promise I’m not trying to brag. My point is if you look around you can find good deals to make your home look the way you want it. Even on a tight budget. Just choose one thing and go from there until you’re happy.


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