Jerry Brown Arts Festival

My family and I went to the sixteenth annual Jerry Brown Arts Festival in Hamilton, Alabama last Sunday (March 4, 2018). It was amazing! Jerry Brown was a famous potter who has pottery on display at The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. He was the only potter east of the Mississippi to use a mule to turn his pottery wheel!

One of my favorite vendors was George Jones, Jr. who hand makes old fashioned brooms. He grows many of the materials himself and they are gorgeous! You can find him on Google and YouTube.

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My second favorite was Rock’n Silver. The necklace above of the tree was made by Mary and/or Linda Rogers (I’m sorry I didn’t ask who made it). It is made of silver and malachite. It is gorgeous in person and makes me think of my family tree with it’s roots and many leaves. It is my favorite piece of jewelry as it goes with everything and I love that it was handcrafted here in Alabama.

My second purchase was two soaps from The Vintage Soap Wagon. I bought the Tobacco & Bay Leaf and Rose Bouquet. I assure you that the first smells like a nice cologne and not like cigarettes. I’ve been using it myself all week and I love how it lathers and the scent lingers.


There are a lot of very talented people here in Alabama and it was wonderful meeting some of them. Next year I know to bring more money because I could easily buy something from every booth knowing it is good quality and hand made locally.


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