Knitting: What you need to get started

The great thing about knitting is that you don’t have to use a pattern. You can just start knitting. This guide is for us rebels who just want to get started.

First, check your yarn for what size knitting needles are recommended. That’s the X in the picture below. You can use a different size, but I tend to follow the recommendation when I’m free-handing it. Lol This includes length. You don’t want to use short, straight needles if you’re making a blanket (or a shawl 🙋) and you don’t need a 60″ circular needle to make a dish cloth.

Now you need to look at your yarn again for how many yards are there. You may need to look for a chart on Pinterest to see how many yards you need for what you’re making. You don’t want to be in the middle of a blanket and run out. Unless your yarn doesn’t have a dye lot number. Then you can just buy more and continue. If there’s a dye lot that means there could be variations from one skein of yarn to the next. Not something you want to risk.


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