My favorite gadgets for blogging

I have three gadgets that I love for blogging. My first is the Asus ZenPad 10 because it has a large screen, it’s easy to read, and it’s not as bulky as a laptop. It has a 16GB hard drive, which is enough for me since I only use it for blogging and advertising.


My second favorite is the LG Stylo 3. Mine is rose gold and powered by Cricket Wireless. I love that I can pull the built in stylus out and my note taking app pops up without me having to turn on the screen or unlock the device. So if I come up with a great blog idea I can just get the stylus out, type what I want to remember, and carry on. It also takes amazing pictures! Most of the pictures on this blog were taken with it. - books at affordable prices 160x600

This one isn’t for everyone and it isn’t a permanent solution for me. It’s the 4G LTE hotspot from ZTE powered by Straight Talk. I live out in the country where dial up still exists (not kidding) so there aren’t a lot of options for WiFi. This device can be loaded with 2GB up to 7GB of data through Straight Talk. I’m trying 2GB now and it’s going well. In the future I plan on getting HughesNet.

Get Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data w/ 10GB 4G LTE for only $39.99/mo

What are your favorite gadgets that you use for blogging?


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