Why every homestead needs a good dog

So maybe you don’t have to have a dog on your homestead, but they can certainly be an asset. I personally have six dogs and five puppies (three are going to be looking for homes soon). They are a variety of breeds and sizes and each of them has a job.

Buddy, our English Lab, is our greeter and he’s in charge of letting us know if visitors are trustworthy. Every person he has ever disapproved of, and animal for that matter, has caused a significant amount of trouble. He also is amazing at guarding our children outside and making sure they stay out of the woods, keeps strangers away from them (so far he’s been really nice, but firm), and ensuring that we know where they are if he thinks we’re not paying attention with a friendly bark.

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Lucy is our Bugg (Boston Terrier x Pug). Her job on the homestead is to provide amusement playing with our other dogs, the cats, and our three kids. She also works well at keeping us warm by burrowing her hot butt under the blankets in the winter.

Polar Bear “PB” is my companion. He warms my heart with his toothy grin, guards me 24/7, and hoards my stuff in his bed. He absolutely adores Lucy and goes where she goes and does whatever she does. He’s our only special needs dog. The poor guy is inbred so his legs are backwards, his back is hunched, and his bottom teeth face outwards instead of up. I still think he’s the cutest dog ever and I’m thankful for every minute I get with him.

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Zoe is a mutt, I don’t remember what she’s mixed with. She is our watchdog. She can hear a squirrel bark at the back of our neighbor’s property and will alert us until someone verifies that they see it. That’s usually Lucy. Then all of our dogs turn into watchdogs.

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Dory is our Australian Shepherd. She watches over the other dogs, I plan to train her to guard the chickens, and she’s currently tending the puppies she had with Buddy. She’s incredibly smart and will do anything we ask once she understands what we’re asking.

The last dog I’ll mention isn’t really ours. She’s like a step-dog. She belongs to our neighbor, but she visits daily for pettings, treats, and to play with her kids. Her name is Pepper and she’s a Pit Bull. I adore this dog! She helps me dig my garden, has chased unwanted people up trees, and cleans up any food our kids have left in our van. She is overly affectionate to people who are allowed at our home, so technically she’s a greeter as well.

Whether it be companionship, a watchdog, or a darn good judge of character, a dog is a great critter to have around. Evety one has their own personality and capabilities, but most truly love their people and want to see them happy.


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