The Alabama Shoe Tree

This post is going to be a bit different, but something I saw this past weekend inspired me. It was the shoe tree on Highway 72 in Cherokee, AL. Yes, odd things inspire me. - books at affordable prices 160x600

    When I first saw the shoe tree I wondered if perhaps there was a story behind it. Maybe a tragic accident and in remembrance loved ones and strangers hang their shoes from the tree. Perhaps this has been going on for thirty plus years.

    No. It’s just a tree that people stop and add their old shoes. Sometimes flinging them at it as they drive down the highway at seventy miles per hour. It was first spotted in 2008 so only ten years.

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    That’s what really inspired me. I feel like a legend needs to be assigned to this shoe tree. Remember, legends don’t have to be true. Otherwise it’s just a tree on the side of the highway collecting shoes for no reason.

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    I personally like my idea about it being a memorial for every person who has passed away on that highway. It would make sense, right? Maybe inspire others who see the tree to pay better attention while driving. I don’t know, but it’s a thought.


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