Why I Revamped This Blog

If you have been following Alabama Half Acre at all you probably noticed the new logo, theme, etc. Yes, I have a good reason for doing this. I have decided to focus on the nearly lost art of tent camping and re-introduce Americans to this wonderful pastime.

My husband and I have been tent camping for years for many reasons. It’s a lot cheaper to tent camp since you can fit your gear in almost any vehicle, less maintenance compared to an RV, and tent sites tend to cost less. Especially if you’re willing to forego electricity and on-site water. This is known as primitive camping and it teaches children appreciation.

Vango Calder 500

The above beauty is the Vango Calder 500. This is a tent built in Scotland and it is a lot better built than American tents due to their weather being worse than ours. After many hours of YouTube videos of these tents surviving 40+ mph winds we happily handed Cotswold Outdoors our money. It has ProTex 70D polyester outer and this fabric is 4,000 mm hydrostatic head. Most US tents were 1,500 at the most in this price range! This means that the tent can withstand more rain than the sky can dish out in two weeks, under most circumstances. If you see Noah then you should probably pack up.

If you have a little more money and want to see something crazy, YouTube Outwell wind test. It held firm until the wind hit 120 mph, that’s category 5 hurricane winds. No one is camping in that any way!

While you’re checking out their better quality tents, look at their options. Our tent came with carpet! I’m not even kidding. I don’t have carpet any where in my home, but for some reason it appeals to me at the campground. Also, their air mattresses have headboards so that you don’t lose your pillow in the middle of the night. That’s on my Christmas wish list along with an inflatable couch from the UK that looks like it came out of a high end home. So, check out the accessories at Cotswold Outdoors, just remember that anything electrical is going to be 230v and won’t work here without an adapter.

Some of the accessories are wardrobes, closets, hanging organizers, and pretty much anything you need to make it look like it came out of Harry Potter. Everything is designed to be packed into a compact vehicle for tidiness and convenience for your “holiday”.

Our tent is due in around the 11th of July and we’ll do a review along with showing you some great places to camp. You’ll get an idea of what gear you’ll need as well. Thanks for stopping by!


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