Our Camping Wish List

Our Camping Wish ListThis evening’s post is designed to intrigue and inspire you. I want you to think outside the box and really get into tent camping and make your tent your own. So, come on and let’s get started!

  1. A bunkbed cot. As you probably know by now, I have three kids. My oldest, who is eleven, sleeps on a bunk bed. The plan is to put our youngest in his room, on the bottom bunk, when he’s about three. He’s one now. Our one year old and three year old love playing on the top bunk with supervision. So I’m hoping the three of them will play (and sleep) on the short camping version. Cabela’s has the Disc-O-Bed XL Cot Bunk Beds if you want to check it out.
  2. Themed bedding. I’m not talking Disney here; I’m sure that surprises some of you. I’m talking bedding that looks and feels like home. The way the inside of your tent should.
  3. Carpet. Yes, I said carpet. It helps insulate, saves wear and tear on the tent floor, and when you’re done camping it rolls up and can be shook out. It’s ingenius, really!
  4. Power pack. Walmart has the Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Jump Starter with Air Compressor for $69.98. This thing will jump start your car, charge your phones and tablets, and it has an air compressor to pump up bike tires. You can also use it to run your USB fan. It charges in your vehicle while you’re driving to the campsite!
  5. Inflatable furniture from the UK. I’m not kidding about their inflatable furniture being better there. You have to check it out! Your tent will look like the Weasley’s from the Goblet of Fire. Go to Camping World UK or Google images to see what I mean.
  6. Solar powered string lights. If you get the right ones, these can create a romantic atmosphere, be playful, or really highlight your time at the beach. Use them to light up your tent and create a homey living space indoors or out.
  7. Citronella incense sticks. My mom bought us some and they work great! We’re in Alabama where the mosquito is the state bird. lol
  8. Cordless dustbuster. We have kids. That explains everything, right?
  9. Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven. You can cook almost anything with this! Make pancakes or bake a cake, you can do that with this beast! It’s not a necessity, but it is super cool! You can find it here.
  10. Chuck box. We’re still trying to decide whether to buy one or attempt building our own.
  11. Ryobi battery powered fan. This bad boy will move some air! Amazon sells it here.
  12. Rtic coolers. We have a set of their tumblers and they are amazing! I can fill it with ice before bed and still have ice late the next morning. Again, Amazon sells it.
  13. Vango Homestead TC 600XL. Watch it on YouTube, you’ll see why!

This is the short list. lol It’s definitely not must haves, but things we plan to buy as time goes on to enhance our camping experience. What’s on your familiy’s wish list?

Thanks for stopping by and happy camping!



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