Tent Camping Vs A Hotel

Tent Camping Vs A Hotel

Yesterday I showed you some inexpensive places to take your family tent camping for a week and I had someone on Facebook say that they thought $1,500 was expensive for a vacation. You can definitely spend less on a week long vacation, but it takes a little planning.

I have chosen a place that we are planning to visit in the spring of 2019, Branson, Missouri. I will include food, tent camping/hotel, and entertainment to give you an idea of how much you can save. I did this with Disney as well on my blog post Amusement Park Camping. For this I am using November 4th – 10th because they aren’t showing spring rates yet. I am putting in how old my kids will be at that time, which are ages 11, 4, and 1.

I chose the campground at Silver Dollar City since it offers shuttle service to and from the amusement park. I used a popular booking site to get the hotel price. The cheapest 4-star hotel in Branson was a condo, so you can cook in it. You do not get free breakfast, which is why the food budget didn’t go down. The hotel is actually $134 a night!

The campground $140.42 for the week     Cheapest 4 star hotel                     $966.31  Food                         400 (this is a combination of eating in and out)                      400  Entertainment       700                                                                                                     700 Parking                    Free! Use the shuttle.                                                                       50

Totals                      $1,240.42                                                                                      $2,116.31

So you save $875.79 by staying at the campground! Yes, you do have to pack more, you do have to set up your tent, and basically move in it. However, you have $875.79 extra to do all of the awesome stuff in and around Branson!

Kelty Outback 6 Person Tent

Kelty Outback 6 Person Tent

Kelty Outback 6 Person Tent Kelty Outback 6 Person Tent

FEATURES of the Kelty Outback 6 Person Tent Easy set up Continuous pole sleeves Free standing Fully seam taped construction Color coded clip and fly connection Easy entry D door Internal pockets Gearloft loops

If you don’t have camping gear yet, $875.79 will get everything you need to head out and enjoy. I would consider necessities a good tent, a camp stove, a skillet, cooking utensils, dishes and eating utensils, a cooler, at least two battery operated fans, plenty of batteries, a good lantern, a sleeping bag suitable for when you’ll be camping (one per person), and a way to charge your phone. I recommend buying your utensils, dishes, eating utensils, and batteries at Dollar Tree. The lantern and fans are cheapest at Walmart. Expect to spend about $60 here and around $50 at Dollar Tree. Everything else can be purchased from Moosejaw.com. The tent I chose for this demonstration (yes, I put everything into carts and got totals before telling you $875.79 would cover everything) is the Kelty Outback 6 Person tent. It is $229.95 before tax and it has a full rainfly. That’s important in case of storms. Don’t forget the matching footprint! You’ll even have about $75 leftover.

Then, next time you head out, you already have your necessities. So you can plan a better trip, or pick up some luxuries (like a solar bluetooth lantern/flashlight that will charge your phone). For example, you can go back to Branson and spend 3 days at Silver Dollar City for $225.14, that includes camping and food for three days! I included Season’s Passes above in the entertainment budget.

Let me know if you enjoyed today’s blog! If there is anything you would like for me to write about you can comment below, Contact Me here, or go to my Facebook page. Thank you for stopping by and happy camping!


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