Vango Farnham 600 Review

Our groundsheet arrived today and the rain held off long enough for us to set up the tent. Y’all, this thing is a beast! It wasn’t bad to put up at all, my husband and I got it up in about fifteen minutes. I could probably do it on my own, but it wouldn’t be fun.

If you look at the pictures you will notice all of the guylines. There are a lot of them. That’s what stabilizes the tent, should the wind pick up. They’re super bright and you can still see them now that it’s dark. That’s a wonderful with three kids and a clumsy Mommy! lol

Ignore the towel, my one year old spilled tea as soon as we got the tent up. The porch is more spacious than I thought it would be. My husband and I could sit out there in our chairs, drink coffee, and watch the kids play. Our groundsheet is providing the floor so that we don’t get as much dirt inside. So far it’s working well.

The picture above is looking into the living room and the two bedrooms from the front door.

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As you can see, there’s a lot of room in here. We could bring in all of our gear and live it up for a week or more! All five of us are in here now and it’s super comfy, without the AC, and the kids are playing together in their room. It’s so peaceful I might just move in here!

This is the TBS II system I mentioned before. We just snapped them up to show you how that works. You don’t need them if it’s not windy.

This is the large vent on the back. This afternoon it was actually pulling cool air in. Tonight it’s a bit cooler outside, but it’s still comfortable inside. In case you’re wondering where we’re camping, this is our half acre backyard. The Winnebago is our shed. lol

I’m hoping you can get an idea of just how big this tent really is. The tiny house in the background is 12 x 12 and 1 1/2 stories tall. The tent is 12 x 23 and over 6’2″. I’m not sure exactly how tall it is, but my husband is 6′ and his head doesn’t touch the ceiling. It’s definitely more comfortable than our old dome tent! lol

My only complaint is that it has a loop instead of a hook for a lantern, but that’s an easy fix. Everything else is better than I expected. The bedrooms are super dark, it’s raining and we’re completely dry, and we have more than enough room. The five of us will be camping in this tent for several more years! It’s super high quality, especially for being less than $300. We didn’t even have to waterproof it!

I hope that you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions just leave it in the comments! Happy camping!


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