Our Favorite Places to Camp

Our Favorite Places to Camp

Tonight I want to give you a list of some places that the five of us enjoy camping. Some have been covered already, but they’re worth repeating. I want to get you thinking outside the box and see that some times you don’t need an amusement park to have a great time! I asked my eleven year old son to throw his two cents in and I think you will be surprised at the places that stand out to him.

  1. Our backyard. Seriously, when money is super tight we love to set up our tent and gear behind our house and just spend time out there. We live in the country so there aren’t any nosy neighbors or loud noises coming from a highway. It’s nice and peaceful, like a great campground! This is also a good way to test your gear and make sure that you don’t need anything before heading out on a long trip. I highly recommend doing this every season as needs change as children get older (trust me!).
  2. Tannehill in McCalla, Alabama. This is actually going to be covered in greater detail later this week, so I won’t go in too deep here, but all three of my kids love this place! Especially the ironworks museum. Follow the blog so you know when the post is up, you won’t regret it!
  3. Davis Bayou in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. There is so much to do here that is covered in the low cost to camp! There’s hiking, wildlife watching (stay away from the water’s edge!), plants to identify, and a museum that my oldest fell in love with. While you are there, be sure to visit McElroys on the Bayou for breakfast and get the beignets, you will thank me! The beach is amazing!
  4. Town Creek in West Point, Mississippi. This is the place I’ve mentioned before where your tent site is not accessible by car. This isn’t super easy when you have a tent as big as ours and a bunch of gear, but it is definitely worth it! There are other sites, but they don’t have this view.                                                     Town Creek
  5. Joe Wheeler Lake in Decatur, Alabama. We stayed at the KOA here and had a blast! Our tent site was on a grassy knoll overlooking the lake and it was gorgeous! We could have swam in the lake for a whole week, it was so clean and cool. This picture is our campsite, not the beach. Unfortunately, our beach pictures were taken before I lost 110 pounds, so you’ll have to visit to see the beautiful beach. Sorry!Joe Wheeler Lake
  6. Fort Wilderness Campground in Kissimee, Florida. This is inside the gates of Disney World, but you could spend a week here and not see an amusement park. There’s walking trails, horseback riding, a laser show at night, several swimming pools, great playgrounds, and the boat ride to Magic Kingdom was our favorite ride all week (it also had the shortest line)! If you visit, be sure to see the Chip N Dale Campfire Sing Along, you won’t be sorry!
  7. Clifty Falls in Madison County, Indiana. We had a lot of fun hiking here with friends, but the sheer drops to the side of the trail were nerve wracking to us. We used to hike in Virginia regularly, but this is different. It wasn’t a gradual incline at all! Our daughter was about two and I wore her in my Lillebaby carrier, she looked down and said, “Oww!”. I definitely recommend going, but be prepared to wear little ones or stick to the boardwalks.
  8. Lake Lowndes State Park in Columbus, Mississippi. This is a beautiful park with lots to do. We love going fishing here and the kids enjoy the disc golf and playground. Hiking around the lake is great and you can go at a leisurely pace and you don’t have to worry about the kids falling off a steep incline.
  9. Lamar County Lake in Sulligent, Alabama. This is a nice, relaxing place to fish and walk around the lake. There isn’t a playground, but the kids love to explore the campground and watch fish jump out of the water.
  10. Hidden Oaks Family Campground in Hammond, Louisiana. We spent a long weekend here and thoroughly enjoyed the campground and Kliebert’s Alligator and Turtle Farm. It’s a short drive to New Orleans if you want to check it out, but Hammond is a great place to visit on it’s own. It’s mentioned often on Swamp People and is where Bruce lives. If you visit Kliebert’s, his brother or nephew will guide your tour. T-Mike, his nephew, is a really great guy and we had a lot of fun hanging out with him. It’s been a few years since we’ve been, to be honest, but our son still talks about it a lot. We’re planning on going back in early spring so it won’t be so hot and humid.

I hope that some of these have inspired you to make your own memories with your family. You don’t have to go far from home or spend a lot of money to enjoy tent camping, your next adventure may just be in your own backyard! What do you have to lose?

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Thank you for visiting and happy camping!



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