Camp Clearwater in N.C.

This week my family and I are visiting White Lake, North Carolina. We are camping at Camp Clearwater for probably the sixth time in ten years. We truly love it here and we think you will, too.

The best thing about this place is the beach. The lake is surrounded by sugar white sand that is comparable to the Gulf coast. It’s clean, the water is (mostly) clear, and there’s plenty of shade.

This is a laid back, quiet campground and it even puts our three crazy kids in a different state of mind. They get worn out playing in the water all day and we have to hurry up and feed them before they pass out. It’s great because then my husband and I actually have peace and quiet to drink a bottle of wine.

They also have two great playgrounds, which our kids enjoy, and a game room. So there is something to do if it rains for a day. There’s also putt putt putt golf across the street.

Be sure to bring all of your cooking supplies because there aren’t many dining options here. There’s Goldston’s, a sandwich shop, and ice cream nearby if you want to skip cooking a couple of times.

On that note, there aren’t any grills and you can’t build a fire here. We brought our propane cook top and our own table to set it on. It works very well and it saves us some money.

If you come, be sure to visit nearby Lu-Mil winery. They grow their own scuppernong and muscadine grapes then do all of the work in house. I recommend Harmony Hall, which is a sweet white wine. My husband, who is a beer drinker typically, prefers Sir Walter Raleigh. He talks about this wine like it’s his old college buddy. Their wines are very reasonable, $8-12 per bottle. An added bonus is that you can pick grapes and buy them by the pound. The kids love it!

In a couple of days we’re going to visit a few historical sites in the area since we have never done that before. Then, later this week, we’ll check out a couple of other areas in North Carolina. We won’t be camping in those areas, but we can recommend stuff to do. We may camp there some other time.

Thank you so much for visiting! Let us know what you think in the comments!


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