Why I Will Never Tent Camp Again

Yesterday was one of the most terrifying of my, and my family’s, lives. The seven of us, my family of five and my parents, were going to go exploring together. At the last minute my parents decided to go swimming. So my husband and I went to get boiled peanuts, visited the family cemetery, and went to Lu Mil Winery.

It was raining really hard when we got back to the camper, but I told my husband that I wanted to see if anyone was still swimming. So we swung by the lake and sat there a couple of minutes.

It was raining and lightning was striking when we got back to the campsite. My husband and I were discussing who was going to grab our toddler and who was grabbing the baby. We had just decided and grabbed the door handles when we saw a bright light and heard an explosion. Lightning had hit the tree beside my parent’s camper!

The lightning jumped from the tree to the roof of their camper and blew the air conditioner vent into the floor. Inside it smells like burnt wiring and the propane alarm won’t stop going off.

I called the fire department who was amazing! They arrived quickly, checked everything out, and called the campground manager to get an electrician out.

The red circle is where my mom was sitting inside the camper when it happened and the yellow is where we were parked when the lightning struck.

After it stopped raining my husband went to assess the damage to our tent. When the lightning dissipated into the ground, it shook the tent hard enough to cause our light to disconnect from the carabinier. It also fried our power pack that was on the floor.

I hate to think about what would have happened if we had been in the tent. My husband researched it and we likely wouldn’t have survived.

So, the focus of the blog will be changing since we will no longer be tent camping. Eventually we may get an RV, but that’s a ways off. Starting tomorrow it will be a lifestyle blog.

My husband would like for me to add that the moral of the story is to never camp in lightning. For me, I’m just not willing to risk it after what happened yesterday.

Thank you for visiting!


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