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With school starting all over the country I wanted to share what my family does with you. I’m going to warn you, we are a bit unorthodox.

We don’t follow a schedule since we feel that learning is organic. Technically, you could say that we homeschool year round without breaks. We don’t have a school room or expensive curriculum, we use Charlotte Mason’s curriculum, museums, and we go outside.

We don’t break up our day with different subjects. You use math, English, science, and history together in real life. So we don’t separate them in the “classroom”. For example, when we look at events we are learning history by reading, adding or subtracting dates, and researching the place where that event happened.

We spent the last few days at different beaches. Our eleven year old enjoyed the Maritime Museum at Southport, North Carolina because he could see what ships looked like through out history, look through a real parascope, and see what they carried on different ships (military, cargo, and passenger). My three year old preferred picking up shells and feeling the ocean waves pushing and pulling her. My eighteen month old loved the seagulls, ducks, airplanes, and helicopters.

That’s the other thing, education doesn’t start at five in our house. It starts at birth. This goes back to our belief that learning is organic and occurs naturally.

Thank you for visiting! Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments below!


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