Visiting North Carolina

Last week, my family and I visited North Carolina. We mainly stayed in a small town called Elizabethtown, but we didn’t stay there much.

Our first day we visited Southport and Oak Island. If you are a fan of ocean history or Nicholas Sparks you have to visit Southport. The maritime museum there is free, but they accept donations, and it is incredible! There are a lot of pictures, plenty of plaques to read, and a para-scope to look through. Swing by the visitor center and get the list of movies filmed in Southport, then go see the sites! Also, while you’re there, check out their museum. They have a lot of movie memorabilia from Safe Haven.

Oak Island was really cool to see, even though we forgot the Oak Island was near Nova Scotia. There’s an old lighthouse and plenty of sea shells to collect.

Oak Island, NC

The next day, we met my family at Topsail Beach. We loved it so much that we took my parents the next day. The kids loved playing in the water, gathering seashells, chasing seagulls, and finding sea glass. My 18 month old buried most of our treasures so I can’t show you what we found.

On the way back, we stopped off at Pelican Snoballs in Jacksonville. It’s the best snow cone I have ever had anywhere! There are over 100 flavors, the ice is perfect, and they use plenty of flavoring. They also have an area for the kids to play while you enjoy your snow cone.

My eleven year old at Topsail Beach

Our last day exploring, we visited one of our favorite places, Lu-Mil Winery in Elizabethtown. If you haven’t been you need to go! For $3 you get a wine glass and eight wine samples. My husband and I both love their wine. In the past we have bought Sir Walter Raleigh, but this year we brought home their white Sangria.

North Carolina has always been one of my favorite destinations. It was a lot of fun seeing new places on this trip, but it was also great sharing some of our favorites with the kids, too. I’m hoping to head up into the mountains of North Carolina next time, since I have never been there.

Thank you so much for visiting!


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