A Big Remodel

A Big Remodel

Before we get started, let me tell you a little bit about our home. It is a 1996 Buccaneer single wide and it is 16′ x 80′, so roughly 1,180 square feet. To most people that doesn’t sound big, but with the vaulted ceilings and everything pretty much being in a straight line, it feels huge. Many people visiting us have said that it feels bigger and they forget that it’s a manufactured home once they step inside.

We bought our home two years ago and decided to buy used because it saved us roughly $20k. That’s a big deal because even though it’s nice and we love it, it is still depreciating. We have owned our lot for ten years, so it being on half an acre instead of in a trailer park helps some.

To celebrate our second year in our home we are going to remodel the interior. We’re replacing all of the interior doors, the flooring, kitchen cabinets, trim, lights, and we’re going to paint. This is going to be a slow process due to budget constraints and my husband’s disabilities, but it’s going to be like new once we’re finished.

Our budget is about $2k. That may not sound like much, but it will do the interior the way we want. The exterior is going to cost a lot more, which is why it’s on the back burner for now. Eventually we’re going to add insulation, vinyl siding, and a metal roof.

I do not own the following pictures, so please click on them to see where I found them. All links will open in a new window, so you will not lose your place here.


I really wanted to do the chicken wire upper cabinets, but now I’m leaning towards shelves. We are going to do the bottom cabinets with the tin, like you see above, but we are considering punching a design into them.


I absolutely love the kitchen above, red is my favorite color, but I’m not sure it will look great with the blue material I have chosen to use in the main part of my home. The shelves here are what I am thinking about in part of my kitchen, with open shelves filling in the extra space. There will be trim to keep cats from knocking things off the shelves. We have five cats, but I’m only worried about four of them. One is content napping and being petted 24/7, he’s not a jerk like the others. lol

The main living area of our home is 15 1/2′ wide by 34′ long, so it’s huge. Our kitchen cabinets will be about 15 1/2′ long and the fridge will mark where the kitchen ends and our living room begins. We have opted to replace our stove with an induction cook top and a convection oven to give us more cabinet space. It also saves us a fortune on our electric bill! We’re adding a pantry where our fridge was to store all of our appliances, keeping the counter tops uncluttered and giving it a cleaner look.

The rest of the house isn’t as exciting as the kitchen, since it’s just a face lift. We are getting two futons for our living room because we have four dogs in addition to the five cats. One is an elderly lab who is insisting that he have a bed in every room (if you have a lab you probably know what I mean, they can communicate!).

Our two sons will be getting a platform bed each. They’re eleven years and nineteen months old, but their room is big enough that it can be divided, giving each of them their own space. It’s simplicity allows them to have different bedding and it still look great. FYI, our nineteen month old will probably be two or three before he moves into his big brother’s room.

Platform Bed

Our daughter is a princess mermaid who loves horses, so her room is going to take a lot more planning. There will be a separate blog post once we work out details.

The bathtubs are going to be sanded down and repainted to save money. We are thinking about putting tin on the walls with wood to carry the rustic feel of the rest of the house over. That hasn’t been decided on for certain yet.

Thank you so much for visiting our half acre paradise today!





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