My Favorite Writing Apps

If you and I have been friends for a while, then you already know that I love to write. It’s a passion, not a hobby. That’s why I created this blog. I am currently writing a novel that I hope you will find interesting, it’s a genealogical mystery novel. I will probably tell you more about it as I get more completed. Right now I have five chapters and I’m working harder on developing my characters.

Anyway, this passion is what lead me to search for great writing apps. I will try to update this over time.

My Favorite Writing Apps

  1. My absolute favorite is Evernote because I can work on my novel on any device. It’s compatible with Fire tablets, Android, Windows, and Apple. There aren’t many with that kind of flexibility. Honestly, I couldn’t find any others. I recommend upgrading to Premium if you can. It’s $7.99/month.                           evernote
  2. Character Planner is amazing for character development! It even lets you organize your charcters by story, it lets you jot down locations, and you can write your story in it. However, it does not sync at this time. So you will be tethered to one device, which would be frustrating to me. As you can see, you can even add pictures of your charcters.                                        characterplanner
  3. Google Docs is where I am planning to fine tune my novel, since I can do this on my phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer. (Yes, I have a lot of devices – even an e-reader! lol). You can use another word processor, but I prefer Google because it’s free and it will work seemlessly over many devices, as I already mentioned. I don’t start on it because some times all I have is my Kindle and it’s great to write on (I have the 7).
  4. If you enjoy writing, start with a free blog on WordPress. You can shamelessly plug your upcoming novel, talk about your life, or anything really. Blogging has been what made me really yearn to write my novel.
  5. Amazon Kindle is by far my favorite reading app. If you are wondering why I’m mentioning this, in order to write you have to read. It will open up ideas and improve your confidence. Nothing has encouraged me like a book with a poor story line that I knew I could make better. So, if you want to be an avid writer, pick up a good book.

What are some of your favorite writing apps? Why do you like them? You can tell me in comments or try out our new Contact page! Have a blessed day!

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