Our New Home

I haven’t written in a while because it has been crazy! My husband and I have been buying stuff to remodel and working on our manufactured home for a while now. Then we got sick in the middle of October. So we got to sit around the house, bored out of our minds.

The Monday that we started feeling better I got on Facebook and decided to clear the notifications at the top. When I got to the marketplace I saw a house in Hamilton, Alabama that I always liked listed for sale. I clicked on it and looked at the pictures before scrolling down. That’s when I saw a picture of the house above. I thought it was cute, but my husband and I had decided to be content with what God has given us.

When I got to the bottom of the ad I figured this was either a test or a scam. The house was $13,600 with $1k down and $350 a month for three years. So I showed my husband and asked if he wanted to look at a dump in Fayette County. 😂

The house was listed by a property manager so I called them, got the code for the door, and asked a few questions to feel them out. Fifteen minutes later we were on our way.

The house is in the middle of a small town on a nice lot. When we pulled into the driveway we were astonished, it didn’t look bad. We got out to look around and the house has a new metal roof, newer vinyl siding, and a solid looking foundation. The roofs over the two porches need to be replaced.

Going inside we noticed a bubble at the backdoor and lots of trash and personal belongings. There’s also the smell of damp cloth, which we’re assuming are the furniture and clothes. We later found old termite damage and subfloors need to be replaced in three rooms, but they’re small and cheap to replace.

Walking back outside we decided to try to find the corners. There’s a shed that was throwing us off. It appears to be on the neighbor’s property, but it has power coming from the house. It was too late to get a property map so we decided we would get that another day.

On Wednesday I called the courthouse about the plat. We took our change to Walmart because they don’t accept debit cards and got $5. The plat was 50 cents, but didn’t answer our questions. We needed the deed. So I walked across the hall praying that I had enough cash. The deed was four pages long so only cost me $4.

We went back to the house with the deed and the plat, but still couldn’t figure out the shed. While I was praying for answers a woman came out of the house who owned the shed.

“Can I help you?” She asked kindly.

“I hope so,” my husband said,” we’re trying to figure out how the land lays.”

She answered, “Well, you’re in luck. I’m an expert on this land and that house,” she gestured to the one we were looking at, ” it belonged to my daddy.”

It turned out that she owned the carport at the end of the shed and we owned the two parts with doors. That also meant that we owned part of the driveway and could park in the carport behind the house. We talked to her for a while and let her inside to get a few things.

On Friday we paid the down payment and became home owners. It’s not big or fancy, but in three years it’s ours! We are planning to build on eventually so it will go from 748 square feet to around 900 square feet, so still not big. Our current home is about 1,188 square feet and we don’t use most of it, so we feel like we’re gaining a lot more than we’re giving up.

We could feel God’s hand in all of it because the whole process was smooth. If we prayed over something we got an answer quickly, we didn’t have to fight make it work. Everything just fell into place.

Our goal is to have the floors done and a fence up so we can move in by April 1st. So far everything is going well. Today we’re going to clean more and start working on the floor in the back bedroom. We will probably be there all day.

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