Where I’ve Been

Last time I posted I told y’all about our new house. We are deep into the remodel which has kept all five of us super busy. We were hoping to move in on my 35th birthday (April), but now it’s looking like we’ll be moving in around our anniversary (July).

We have replaced most of the subfloors because they were rotten. We found out that they rotted from the bottom up due to flooding. The water didn’t get in the house, but it sat under it for a long time. We have dug trenches around the house in hopes that excess water will drain into the ditch like it’s supposed to be.

We have also been removing paneling and discovering old tongue and groove board. We’re leaving the good walls up and tearing down the bad ones. I’m planning on painting those walls to look like tongue and groove.

This was the kitchen before we had the floor replaced. I love the tongue and groove in here. We’re going to paint it a different color to make it feel like a 1940s farmhouse.

We’re planning on how to decorate the rest of the house, but the kitchen was pretty easy. I’m looking forward to sharing pictures once it’s all complete. I will do better keeping y’all up to date because I’m so excited!

Also, as things get done I will be putting pictures on Pinterest. We’re AlabamaHalfAcre there and on Facebook. Thank you for stopping by!

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