Today is a special day and I want to take the time to wish every Mom, whether she has given birth or not, a Happy Mother’s Day! If you have ever loved a child, cleaned puke at 2am, listened to the Wiggles in the car on a road trip, etc then you are a mom. It doesn’t take giving birth to become a mother, it takes love. And patience. At times it takes love to find that patience. lol

I hope that you have a wonderful day today and can do something that you enjoy. I’m working on my blog and doing some geneaology research. Then I’m going to go play with my family in our pool because today is really about them. - books at affordable prices 160x600

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Homeschooling: What you need to know in Alabama

According to Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), Alabama is a moderately easy state to homeschool in. Basically, all that you are required to do is join a church/cover school when your child turns six. That cover school then reports to your local superintendent that your child is enrolled in their school and you’re good for that school year. - books at affordable prices 160x600

So, how do you choose a cover school? Personally, I prefer an inexpensive cover school with limited regulations. I chose New Hope Academy for these reasons. There’s a cover school in my small town, but they want $200, to approve your curriculum, and a detailed spreadsheet on how many times your child went to the bathroom. Okay, that last part is an exaggeration, but the list is still extensive. My children are my own and I am responsible for them in every aspect of their lives until they turn 18. I don’t need to pay someone to be in our business 24/7, that’s ridiculous to me. If you like structure then maybe it would be okay for you, I don’t know. That’s for you and your family to decide.


If you don’t want to do a cover school then you can simply do public school at home. It’s not homeschooling, it’s just public school without 30 other kids influencing your child. You still have the same curriculum and such as the schools and often it’s free. Do your own research to see if it’s a good fit for your family. You can do that here.

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If you have any questions please email me, I am always happy to help! You can also comment below and I will assist you from there. Thank you for reading!

Who Do I Put In My Tree?

This question is asked a lot on Facebook by adoptees and nonadoptees for different reasons. The simple answer is whoever YOU feel belongs there as long as it’s historically accurate. If you have no interest in putting your biological family on there, there’s no reason you should. You can focus on the family you know and love.

Once you get started you will want to add siblings, but it is up to you if you want to add your twentieth cousin ten times removed. You can, but you certainly aren’t required. It’s up to you when to stop.

I personally like to add all spouses even if there are no children. I think part of that is because I wanted to honor the memory of my husband’s first wife and the daughter she was carrying. To me, they are part of our family.


I wish you the best of luck as you begin. Please like and comment on my posts so I know if you’re enjoying them.

Be blessed!

The Story is Everything

I’m sure that you are wondering what I’m talking about. Genealogy, of course! If you can, add true stories about your ancestors. Some of my favorite ancestors have come alive thanks to other family members adding interesting tidbits to the profile. Newspaper clippings are also great, but written memories are so much more personal and help paint a picture of who the person was.

This is also why I encourage you to keep a journal. Your kids and hopefully your grandkids will get to know you, but your gggrandkids probably will not. Discovering an old journal about deceased loved ones is a cherished find; along with photos and mementos. It can also help them when they’re trying to find that cousin you love who hasn’t been on a census in twenty years and you know he moved where no one could ever find him.

Whatever you do, do not lie and don’t emit anything. A lot of things have happened in the past that people aren’t proud of, but they happened. No matter what it was, the descendants of that person have a right to know.


Stories tie the past to the present. If you can add how people felt while they were doing something or going through something you will bring them back to life, even for a brief moment, for one of their descendants. That is an incredible feeling!

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Be Prepared

While you are researching your family you are likely to find some disturbing things. It could be something like a great, great uncle you never knew about, a few family members passed from cancer you weren’t aware of, or a nasty accident. It may be something more disturbing, like a crime committed.

If you do find something disturbing it’s okay to take a break or even find someone to talk to. Just remember, just because you share a bloodline does not mean you are like that person. It doesn’t change who you are.


I’m really just getting started so the disturbing things I have uncovered are nasty accidents. There are enough of them that I’m beginning to think that side of the family is cursed, though.

I wish you the best of luck and hope your search doesn’t yield too many unpleasant surprises.

Be blessed.

Getting Started


So, where do you start on your family tree? With yourself, of course. Then your parents. In order to do that you need to know who they are. You may be able to go to the courthouse in the county where you were born and get your records. Some states even let you do it online.

I was fortunate and my parents had all of my records, including an original birth certificate with my bio mom’s name, in a box in the garage. I found it when I was sixteen and I remembered it so that I could maybe look for her one day. Which I did thirteen years ago.

If you get the names of your parents and you plug them into Ancestry you may get some hints. If you don’t, try Family Search. After that I highly recommend a DNA kit. It can really help to open doors for you. I’m currently waiting for mine to show up.


I hope that you have found this helpful. Please let me know below!