Android to iOS

On Monday I made the switch from my LG Stylo 3 to the iPhone SE. I wasn’t in love with some of my pictures, service was horrible, and I couldn’t hotspot it. Hotspotting was my biggest complaint. It actually made me mad enough that I considered switching from Cricket, but I would be going to Straight Talk who doesn’t offer hotspotting at all.

Anyway, limited internet/cellular options in the country will be it’s own post. It could almost be it’s own blog. Lol

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So, why is iOS better than Android? Well, for one thing, I bought my LG Stylo 3 in December 2017 and it became obsolete on March 30, 2018 when Oreo was released. Why can’t a six month old $150 phone be upgraded? So I paid $159 for an iPhone SE that was released in 2016 and immediately upgraded it to iOS 11.3.

The next reason I like it better is the quality of the apps. I use the Ancestry app daily and I really liked it on my 5.5″ screen. I love it on my 4″ screen because it works more like the website, but it’s optimized for my phone. - books at affordable prices 160x600

    My third reason is the camera. My LG had a 13MP camera and my iPhone has a 12MP camera, but the iPhone’s camera uses better quality pixels. There are articles that go in depth on why if you want to do more reading. You can see the difference in these two pictures of my youngest son. The outdoor picture is with my iPhone.

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    My only complaint is the size is a little difficult to get used to, but everything else more than makes up for it. I bought a wallet case to add bulk and that’s helped some. I do love that I can put it in my bra and you can’t tell it’s there. Lol I couldn’t do that with my old phone.


Ways to Connect With Your Ancestors

Today I want to talk about ways you can connect with your ancestors. For me this is a fun topic because you are continuing a legacy from a long time ago. Or maybe not so long ago. It depends on how far back you were able to trace your ancestry. This also gives you something to do with all of that information.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Learn their language. Look at where your ancestors are from and learn their language, if you can.
  2. Listen to the music that was popular in their day and in the region they’re from. My grandmother from Germany loves polka. I personally don’t care for it, but my three year old loves it.
  3. Try some cultural dishes. You can use Pinterest or Google and find great recipes. I enjoy making Paprikash like my German grandmother did when I was little.
  4. Hang pictures. If you have pictures of your ancestors hang them up instead of just looking at them on a screen. My parents and inlaw’s have pictures of their grandparents hanging up and it’s great to see them and allows me to tell my kids about their great, great grandparents.
  5. Write down or print stories you find about your ancestors and put them in a book. One day someone else in your family will thank you.
  6. Tell their stories to your children and grandchildren, even if you don’t think they’re listening. You may be surprised.
  7. Learn an old fashioned craft that your ancestors may have enjoyed. A lot of them, such as knitting, are becoming popular again.

How do you keep your ancestor’s memories alive?


The Alabama Shoe Tree

This post is going to be a bit different, but something I saw this past weekend inspired me. It was the shoe tree on Highway 72 in Cherokee, AL. Yes, odd things inspire me. - books at affordable prices 160x600

    When I first saw the shoe tree I wondered if perhaps there was a story behind it. Maybe a tragic accident and in remembrance loved ones and strangers hang their shoes from the tree. Perhaps this has been going on for thirty plus years.

    No. It’s just a tree that people stop and add their old shoes. Sometimes flinging them at it as they drive down the highway at seventy miles per hour. It was first spotted in 2008 so only ten years.

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    That’s what really inspired me. I feel like a legend needs to be assigned to this shoe tree. Remember, legends don’t have to be true. Otherwise it’s just a tree on the side of the highway collecting shoes for no reason.

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    I personally like my idea about it being a memorial for every person who has passed away on that highway. It would make sense, right? Maybe inspire others who see the tree to pay better attention while driving. I don’t know, but it’s a thought.

How to make money homesteading

These are not get rich quick schemes, but genuine work from home jobs. You will likely have to put in 40+ hours a week to see an income. That’s still no guarantee, these are simply ideas that I have seen work for others. - books at affordable prices 160x600

  1. Blogging. Yes, some people earn a living doing what I’m doing. It takes a lot of time and commitment. In order to earn money blogging you must have affiliates or a product that you’re selling. Ebooks do well.
  2. Crafts. Can you sew, knit, crochet, or something else? Then you can probably make things and either sell them online or at fairs and festivals. You probably won’t become a millionaire, but one weekend a month just might pay the light bill.
  3. Handyman or cleaning service. Are you good with your hands? Try starting a handyman service. Like cleaning? A lot of people are too busy to make repairs, do yard work, etc. Or they can’t or simply don’t want to do it. I hate cleaning and would gladly pay someone else if I was able. Lol
  4. Selling wares from your homestead. Check your local laws on this one. You may be able to sell eggs, cheese, produce, and soap that you have made on your homestead. A lot of people where I live love to support local farmers!
  5. Direct sales. Do your research and find one that hasn’t been done to death. There are unique ones out there and if you market it right you can earn an income. I have a friend on Facebook who not only is able to stay home, BUT her husband is able to stay home, too.
  6. Freelance. There are tons of ideas on Fiverr. You can check it out at the link below. If you make a purchase I earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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This is a short list compared to what’s out there. There are websites and ebooks out there that only deal with this subject. Who knows, maybe you will be able to quit your day job and work from your homestead.

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Let me know what you do from home! I love hearing new and creative ideas!

Why every homestead needs a good dog

So maybe you don’t have to have a dog on your homestead, but they can certainly be an asset. I personally have six dogs and five puppies (three are going to be looking for homes soon). They are a variety of breeds and sizes and each of them has a job.

Buddy, our English Lab, is our greeter and he’s in charge of letting us know if visitors are trustworthy. Every person he has ever disapproved of, and animal for that matter, has caused a significant amount of trouble. He also is amazing at guarding our children outside and making sure they stay out of the woods, keeps strangers away from them (so far he’s been really nice, but firm), and ensuring that we know where they are if he thinks we’re not paying attention with a friendly bark.

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Lucy is our Bugg (Boston Terrier x Pug). Her job on the homestead is to provide amusement playing with our other dogs, the cats, and our three kids. She also works well at keeping us warm by burrowing her hot butt under the blankets in the winter.

Polar Bear “PB” is my companion. He warms my heart with his toothy grin, guards me 24/7, and hoards my stuff in his bed. He absolutely adores Lucy and goes where she goes and does whatever she does. He’s our only special needs dog. The poor guy is inbred so his legs are backwards, his back is hunched, and his bottom teeth face outwards instead of up. I still think he’s the cutest dog ever and I’m thankful for every minute I get with him.

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Zoe is a mutt, I don’t remember what she’s mixed with. She is our watchdog. She can hear a squirrel bark at the back of our neighbor’s property and will alert us until someone verifies that they see it. That’s usually Lucy. Then all of our dogs turn into watchdogs. - books at affordable prices 160x600

Dory is our Australian Shepherd. She watches over the other dogs, I plan to train her to guard the chickens, and she’s currently tending the puppies she had with Buddy. She’s incredibly smart and will do anything we ask once she understands what we’re asking.

The last dog I’ll mention isn’t really ours. She’s like a step-dog. She belongs to our neighbor, but she visits daily for pettings, treats, and to play with her kids. Her name is Pepper and she’s a Pit Bull. I adore this dog! She helps me dig my garden, has chased unwanted people up trees, and cleans up any food our kids have left in our van. She is overly affectionate to people who are allowed at our home, so technically she’s a greeter as well.

Whether it be companionship, a watchdog, or a darn good judge of character, a dog is a great critter to have around. Evety one has their own personality and capabilities, but most truly love their people and want to see them happy.

What is homesteading?

You may be wondering what exactly is homesteading. Well, homesteading is a broad term and is defined differently by different people. So I will give you my family’s definition since I’m writing this blog.

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Homesteading means that we do things old school as much as possible. My husband hunts and fishes when he’s able to provide us with food. I enjoy knitting and sewing which allows me to decorate our home nicely without costing us a fortune.

My husband would love to be offgrid, but that’s not feasible for us at this time.

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I do want to start cloth diapering again and eventually raise chickens for eggs. My family of five goes through five dozen eggs in about two weeks! I don’t bake so that’s fried, scrambled, and omelettes! My youngest is one and eats two eggs by himself multiple times a day! Okay, you get my point. We need chickens. Lol - books at affordable prices 160x600

So in summary, homesteading is living self-sustainably and making due with what you’ve got. It can be a lot of work, but it can be a lot of fun, too.

My favorite gadgets for blogging

I have three gadgets that I love for blogging. My first is the Asus ZenPad 10 because it has a large screen, it’s easy to read, and it’s not as bulky as a laptop. It has a 16GB hard drive, which is enough for me since I only use it for blogging and advertising.


My second favorite is the LG Stylo 3. Mine is rose gold and powered by Cricket Wireless. I love that I can pull the built in stylus out and my note taking app pops up without me having to turn on the screen or unlock the device. So if I come up with a great blog idea I can just get the stylus out, type what I want to remember, and carry on. It also takes amazing pictures! Most of the pictures on this blog were taken with it. - books at affordable prices 160x600

This one isn’t for everyone and it isn’t a permanent solution for me. It’s the 4G LTE hotspot from ZTE powered by Straight Talk. I live out in the country where dial up still exists (not kidding) so there aren’t a lot of options for WiFi. This device can be loaded with 2GB up to 7GB of data through Straight Talk. I’m trying 2GB now and it’s going well. In the future I plan on getting HughesNet.

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What are your favorite gadgets that you use for blogging?