7 Days for $1,500 (or less)!

Can a family of five really get away for seven days for $1,500 or less? Yes! Especially if a couple of your kids are three years old or younger. Two of mine are, but my oldest is eleven so some places charge for him like he's an adult. So it kinda evens out. lol I'm… Continue reading 7 Days for $1,500 (or less)!


Know Before You Go

Today I would like to talk about being prepared before you head out, especially if it's an area you aren't familiar with. I don't want you to be afraid to camp, but you need to be aware of the possible dangers in the wilderness and prepare for them. I recommend looking into predators, snakes, and… Continue reading Know Before You Go


Selecting Your Tent

Yesterday I promised you a blog post about gear. Well, what is the most important piece of camping gear? Your tent! It's where you will essentially be living for a weekend, a week, or longer so you need to buy a good one. My husband and I spent days looking at tents and researching all… Continue reading Selecting Your Tent


Camping in Summer

It's finally summer - yeah! Now is the time to get out there and do stuff! If you're on a budget that can be daunting. That's why we bought a tent last year. We paid about $150 for a good one, but if you're just getting started you can go cheaper or even buy a… Continue reading Camping in Summer


Bringing Your Ancestors Back to Life

You're probably wondering what I'm getting at with a title like this. Your attention. If you're reading this then it worked. 😀 Get Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data w/ 10GB 4G LTE for only $39.99/mo I want to encourage you to add stories, photographs, anything you can to make your loved ones real to the… Continue reading Bringing Your Ancestors Back to Life